Mike Hernandez is a multi-instrumentalist musician from El Paso, TX. With over 10 years of performance and composition experience, he has arranged and recorded music in the genres of punk rock, indie rock, mariachi and jazz. He has also toured the world with multiple professional groups. 

​Hernandez is currently a Senior in the Music Department at 
The University of Texas at El Paso.     

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Main Instrument(s): 
Guitar, Bass, Vihuela, Guitarra de Golpe & Guitarron.  

Secondary Instrument(s): 
​Piano/Synthesizers & Drums. 

Gibson, Fender, Cordoba, Candelas, Morales & Jerry Starr instruments.  
Ampeg, Mesa Boogie & Fender Amps.  
Line 6, Boss, TC Electronics & L.R. Baggs Pickups/Pedals. 
​Roland Pianos.